Saturday, February 04, 2006

New Digs

This is the new house already on the post. The post is close to the left edge of our property, that is why the house behind looks so close.
Well, I broke down and got a new birdhouse for the bluebirds this year. I was going to use the old one as a form to make a new one (they aren't that hard to do) but then I saw the one in the picture and it is from the same company (Homes for Bluebirds) that the original was from.

The company is devoted to helping the bluebird come back and I figured the money would go to a good cause, and more than likely I could hang the new one right where the old one was with almost the same hardware...cinch.

Apparently the guy who started the company and making these houses, has been devoted to rehabilitating the bluebird population forever. There is a really interesting article about him at this site if you want to check it out. I think it is pretty cool actually.


Gone Home said...

Cool birdhouse. What do you feed them?

Mishka said...

I have thistle hanging on my birdfeeder for the finches, water in a birdbath, and some suet in a feeder for some of the woodpeckers but the bluebirds usually find food on their own mostly. They eat a lot of berries and we have several trees that have berries on them.