Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Construction Begins Again

They started clearing the second lot across from our house a few weeks ago. Then they stopped for a while, several surveyors came out, and they started again today. I am assuming the people who own the lot on the far side (that is for sale) wanted to have it resurveyed to make sure the new construction wasn't encroaching on their land. I don't blame them, people will try to get away with anything and then ask for forgiveness later around here.

I figure it will be similar to last year's construction. It will go from Feb-September. There will be litter and other irritations to be seen, but at least I know the company now, and I can let them know if something is getting out of control.

I'll try to get some pics as things progress.

Here we thought we were moving into a small, unpopulated street with lots of trees. This is the fourth house to be built on our street since Feb of 05. At least none of them have been adjacent to us, just across the street.


Chicken said...

That's too bad. Hopefully they won't make a mess.

Mind Sprite said...

Or too much noise.