Saturday, February 18, 2006


Okay, Jiff commercials have always gotten on my nerves because I HATE their slogan of "choosy moms choose Jiff". Not only does this imply that if you don't choose Jiff you are a lousy mom, it implies that all shopping is done by moms. Just like all cleaning commercials imply that women are the only ones that clean.*

Anyhow, they have this commercial now where the dad and the daughter are sitting down for a "snack" of peanut butter on bread. Thing is, he brings out the huge loaf of white bread and then spreads about 3 servings of peanut butter on one slice.

I guess it is the lack of responsible advertising is what irritates me most.

*(I realize that they always use wives, and moms, because their marketing research indicates that women do most of the shopping for the household and most of the household work, but its the stereotypes that get me, not the market research.)

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Betty said...

That commercial grates my nerves too. Plus, I mean, how in the hell could that little girl eat that whopping PB sandwich?