Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Monitor Upgrade

This must be the month for computer issues. It seems like every blog I read, someone is having computer issues.

Anyhow, a few days ago, I noticed that when I would turn my monitor (17 inch Sylvania F70 that I have had for 7 years) off at night, it would not come right back on if I needed it to. In the morning it would be fine but that night, it was like it had gotten too hot or something (even though it didn't feel hot). I was willing to live with it, but thought that perhaps it was on its last legs. Yesterday, just before taking our sedan in for work at the dealership, I realized that it wasn't going to come back up. It is dead. The power button turns on but the tube (or whatever is in there) just never lights up. Fortunately the dealership is near where I would go to look at monitors as well.

I have put off getting a flatscreen monitor because I didn't want to go down to 15 inches to get a reasonable price (and I had a perfectly good monitor at home). My waiting paid off because now the 17 inch ones are more reasonable (and I don't have a perfectly good monitor at home). I ended up with the Sony pictured above. It lacks the ability to adjust the height but because it is so slim, I am able to put it in a spot on my desk that is more comfortable ergonomically so I am fine with the height. It is kind of like having a very big laptop screen (and I thought my laptop screen was big). So far, I am happy with it, and the timing worked out since school is underway and I can't really afford to not have the PC up and running.

So, besides wasting half my day at the dealership, I managed to get this monitor purchased and set up. Happy early Valentine's to me I guess...haha.


Joanne said...

I have a fairly firm boycot on Sony products. They never seem to last or work well for me.

Mishka said...

Yeah, I thought of that when I was at the store, but so far so good on this one and I like the fact that you don't have to be right in front of the screen to see it. You can see the image from the sides as well, which is something I hate about my laptops LCD screen.

kilgorsky said...

I could use a new screen, I can barely see what I'm typing.

I've never had a problem with a Sony product. I have a TV set and a radio.