Monday, February 13, 2006

Moon Rising

Not my photo but this is what the moon looked like when it was coming up.
I saw this amazing moon rising earlier tonight. I was on my way home from Hellmart and it was just there…boom, huge and yellowish right at horizon view. I tried to get a shot of it when I got home because it just looked so huge but there are too many trees around and I couldn't really see it until it got higher.

Now I've just come in from soaking in the hot tub, on a crisp and clear night. Due to the full moon, the stars were not quite as bright but the sky was still brilliant. I could hear the wind when it would move through the trees, otherwise it was just silence. I didn't have the bubbles on so the reflection of the moon was sitting on the water with the steam rising around it. It was so cool.


Mind Sprite said...

Beautiful!!! I love big, giant full moons.

Chicken said...

Mmmmmmmm cheese.

Mishka said...

I wish I could have gotten my own shot of it but who knows, my digital camera might not have done well in the dark anyhow.