Saturday, February 04, 2006

Love This Site

We are doing some work in class that requires us to find some interesting sites that make use of multimedia. I posted this site as one of my favorites and then thought that some of you might like it too.

It is the E-Nature site from the National Wildlife Federation. They have so much info, I can not even begin to credit it all. I am particularly fond of the bird call section. You can click on one of the types of birds and it will give you a list of the various species and a "listen" link to hear their calls. I like that the audio doesn't have to play through a player, it just plays.

I plan to put a link to the home page of this site on my sidebar soon.

Please enjoy!!!


Chicken said...

You need to make sure and tell Mom about this one. She was looking for something like this.

Mishka said...

I emailed her this post today after I got your comment. Hope she likes it, it is pretty cool.

Mind Sprite said...

Hey, I might be able to use that site for a homework assignment too. Thanks! Not to mention, it looks like a cool site to wander around in and learn stuff.