Monday, February 06, 2006

Superbowl Comments

Okay, what can I say about that game?

I was really happy for both teams that made it. They both deserved to be there and I was thrilled with which ever one was going to win but can I just say that the officiating sucked!!!!

It would have been one thing if it was across the board bad officiating but no, it was only slanted in one way.

I am sorry that Pittsburg won a game that was so obviously biased. It takes away from the overall victory when you win on calls rather than on effort. I didn't stay for the post game ceremony or shows...I was so disgusted with the officials.

Oh well, the commercials were pretty funny and I did enjoy them, that is for sure.


Joanne said...

I didn't actually watch the game, but I did read an article about it on MSN's Slate website. It does suck that the game was decided based on bad calls.

Chicken said...

I felt exactly the same way and turned the tube off immediately after it was over.

ha ha said...

Seattle Won that game, they were robbed and I think Detroit was worried about riots in the street if the Steelers had not won. They were already having post game issues in town. So sad, but in my heart our SeaDucks won it!