Sunday, February 12, 2006

It's Cold Out There

Chase lounging around on the floor in the family room.We are in the middle of a cold spell. The winter here has been very strange this year. We are either enjoying balmy 70 degree sunshiney days or it is crisp, clear, windy and today.

Now, we don't get the subzero stuff that other places get so I can't complain too much but I moved from a warm climate and I think my bones have not completely adjusted. I hear the call of my hot tub much too frequently for it to be normal...haha.

Anyhow, we have a sunroom on our house (it is on the shady side of the house but there isn't another way to describe it). It used to be a screened-in porch(that is why it is on the shady side) but now it is a glassed-in porch. Problem is, that even with the heat blowing out there, all that glass makes for difficult climate control. That room is always colder than the rest of the house in the winter and warmer than the rest of the house in the summer. I keep the door to it closed from the rest of the house. Spring and fall are awesome because we can open all the windows out there and let the breeze blow into the house.

So currently, we are in a cold spell hence, that room is chilly. Normally at night, I turn our heat down from 68 degrees to 58 degrees, because we have a nice warm feather comforter on our bed. I turn it back up in the morning but it does make things a bit crisp first thing. It seems that on nights when it gets really cold, and I have turned down the heat the sunroom gets even colder because the thermometer in the house is not falling as fast as the sunroom temp is. Normally, this is not too much of an issue but I am assuming it has been the last few days because Chase has been moving her bed around the room (she sleeps in the sunroom). I am assuming it is to find a warmer spot, because she only does it on the really cold nights (below 22 degrees). I was getting mad at her, before I realized why she was doing it.

Now, before you go crazy and think I am freezing my cat to death, realize that the sun room never gets below 40 degrees (I check the thermometer I have out there) and she is at least part Maine Coon. She is very furry, so much so that poop sticks to her (another story for another time). I think it is just that she came from the same warm climate as we did and I think she got spoiled too. Anyhow, out of pity for her, I have started leaving the heat up on the nights when it gets really cold so that the heat will keep blowing and will keep that room a bit warmer. It just means that I end up taking off socks and pj bottoms halfway through the night.

It seems to be working because she hasn't moved the bed on the nights when I leave the heat on. Last night I turned it down about half the distance and this morning the bed had moved but only about half the distance...weird coincidence????


Mind Sprite said...

Awww, Chase is so cute! My cat's favorite place to sleep is on top of a cupboard, on a plastic bag full of gift boxes and gift bags. Looks darn uncomfortable to me, but that's where she is all night. She likes it up there because the other (fatter) cat won't bug her way up there.

Mishka said...

With Chase's affinity for boxes, we got her a round bed that comes way up on the sides. It is fuzzy inside. She seems to like it.

She is not allowed up on anything, including the couches so she has to make do with the kitty bed or warm spots in the sun on the floor.

Mind Sprite said...

Abby has a kitty bed that I think she has slept in once, maybe twice, in seven years. She'd much rather have a cardboard box anyway.