Sunday, February 26, 2006

Question For You

You are at a lake that has a few signs reading "No Fishing until Further Notice". There is yellow caution tape all along the shore to keep people from fishing.

At one end of the lake, the water flows under a little bridge and becomes a creek. There aren't any signs at this section.

Do you fish at this spot?


P'nut said...

Nope. If there is nothing posted with regard to the reason fishing has been banned, I would play it safe and assume the worst (like there's something wrong with the water).

J.a.G. said...

If nothing was posted I'd think you could fish there but as you've seen the sign/caution tape and know the water is all the same why would you want to?

Not everyone would think that though so they should just put up another sign.

Mishka said...

Me too, I would assume there was something wrong with the water or that for some reason they were trying to protect the fish (perhaps the numbers were too low or something), so I wouldn't fish either.

I just think it is funny that some people figure, if there isn't a sign right in front of them that it means that it is okay there, even though the entire rest of the lake is off limits.

Mind Sprite said...

If they went to the trouble to put yellow tape all the way around a lake and put up signs, I wouldn't eat anything swimming just downstream from it!

But you're right. Some people would totally do that and not think twice about it.

graculus said...

I'd be looking for the dead body CSI style. And fish anyway. Rules, there to be broken. I never catch anything anyway!