Thursday, February 16, 2006

One Thing Leads To Another

It always seems like no project I undertake can just be one project. It has always got to involve more things. An example would be the conditioning of the leather furniture we own I took on the other day, eventually led to me moving all the furniture in both rooms away from the wall (even the nonleather ones) and vacuuming and dusting behind.

I should mention too that the leather project and the one I am embarking on today were not even on the list of things to do...they just sort of sprouted up out of I am not really making headway on my list, just checking off new items that have appeared.

Story is, we have hardwood floors in the living room and the dining room. We have this area rug that I really like (that was kind of expensive by my standards) in the living room, under our coffee table. In the dining room, entryway and at the front door, we have this rug set (3 total, each a different size) that I got while we were in Japan. Our house in Japan had hardwood floors and a tatami room, so in order to protect the floors I had purchased this set from JcPenney (one of the few places that will ship outside of the US). The rugs were great in Japan, served their purpose and generally went with our decor.

Ignore the mess, you can see a bit of the new rug in the living room, the hardwood floors, and the older braided rug in the dining room.
Thing is, J hated them because they were hard and not comfortable to sit on if you did have to sit on the floor. This is the reason behind the area rug we currently have in our living room. It is very plush. Unfortunately, the braided rugs, just don't go with it much. I have always intended on getting other plush rugs that would compliment the one in the living room to go in the three areas the braided ones reside in. I was in Lowe's (where I got the one in the living room) the other day (getting other things) when I noticed that they were having an area rug sale. I went to check it out. I tried to find another of the rug we have in the living room so I could compare other rugs to it to see if I could get something complimentary. In the process of finding the only one they had in the store, the department manager and I realize that it has a little pull in it (one of the fibers was coming out). She told me that she would give me a discount on it if I wanted it. I wasn't really planning to buy it, was just using it for comparison but I couldn't find anything else to go with it, and she mentioned that she thought they were discontinuing it. It is always that way, I find something I like, and it gets discontinued (another story for another day).

Anyhow, after spending a fair amount of time comparing rugs, I decide that I might as well get the one with the pull in it (they are really easy to get rid of since my cat does it every once in a while to the one in the living room, but I don't tell the DM that, because I want the discount, and it is damaged after all). So I ask her how much it will be. She takes 50% off. This is huge to me. Like I said before, I thought the original price was kind of high,(which we hope means good quality) to begin with so 50% off is awesome. I am thrilled.

Anyhow, so this new rug (that is exactly the same as the one in the livingroom, mind you) is going to reside in the dining room. The one in there is the same size (about 5x7). Of course I can't get rid of the braided rugs completely until I have replacements for all the spots but I figured I would at least get the new rug put in the dining room, and would roll the braided one up and put it somewhere. I plan to sell the set cheaply once I have all the replacements.

Well, as much as I would love to put the rug down right away, I have noticed lately that the hardwood is looking a bit tired. We have never done anything to it (14 months) so when I was at Lowe's, I looked at the options. I ended up getting some hardwood floor wax that is pretty easy to apply and doesn't require any stripping. It is supposed to protect the floor from the sun and help moisturize it as well. So, I can't put the rug down in the dining room until I do the hardwood floors because why move all the furniture twice, right? Right!!!

So that is what I am doing today. Some pieces of the furniture can't be moved out of the room without a lot of hassle (buffet and curio cabinet) so I am doing the floor in segments and waiting for it to dry so I can move things around. I'll be done with the dining room today, I think, and will get the new rug put in, with all the furniture in place. Then (because some sort of gene in me won't let me stop there), I will have to wax the living room floor as well, which means moving a lot of really big furniture by myself. I did mention that J is gone on a trip, right?

So anyone want to come help me move a couch and entertainment center tomorrow?


Chicken said...

Holy Cow dude you do have some projects going on. I'd love to come over and help you :-)

ha ha said...

You know where you get this from don't you? You are your mother's daughter. I could never stick to the list either and when I cleaned house it was from top to bottom and never in moderation. That's why I got you and chicken to help me. One step at a time love....

Mishka said...

I finished the dining room last night but didn't put the furniture back until this morning and I am half way done with the living room. Just have to let it dry, move all the stuff to the other side and do that side. That will be tackled tomorrow.