Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Arabs see phobia behind US uproar over ports deal - Yahoo! News

This seems very contradictory to me. This deal was going through with no problems until negative public opinion (which should be heard as well as good public opinion should) came into the picture and all of a sudden our "lawmakers" have decided to rethink things. Thing is, most of the negative public opinion is based on "America should be running America's ports". Okay, then why is Britain running them?

And if Americans are the only ones that can be trusted, then why are our "lawmakers" willing to sign over American privacy and rights (in the name of the war on terrorism) without batting an eyelash? If public opinion were to come into the picture there, do we think it would be heard, or is it only public opinion of a certain nature that is heard?

Yes, I agree that there were mistakes made, that might or might not, have changed what happened on 9/11/01. I agree that there are changes that still need to be made in agencies of our government across the board to make things "safer". But it seems to me that since 9/11/01 a lot of the things that make America great are being shoved off to the side in the name of "safety".

The terrorists' biggest accomplishment was getting us to change our way of life. We are willing to give up our privacy, and our judicial processes so that we can be safer, and we are lowering ourselves down to their level when we make generalizations and act prejudicial about the Middle East and followers of Islam.

We are supposed to be better than that.


Dave Morris said...

Every time I have to be at the airport 90 minutes prior to flight time, I agree with you more. I hate that I now have to remove shoes because of the shoe bomber. Already, America is a less-great place. We need to conduct business as usual... and beef up INTELLIGENCE. Stop it before it starts, don't let the guys GET to the airport. Ya know?

Mind Sprite said...

I think the reason that the terrorists haven't hit again is not because of anything we have done as far as security (because I think we've done little that is effective) but because they haven't HAD to. We're giving up our own freedoms and screwing up our democracy, all in the name of supposed security. We're degrading our own system.