Monday, February 06, 2006

AM Yoga

This is the one I own.
I just did my quick morning yoga DVD this morning. It has been ages since I had done it.

I used to be quite faithful to get it in but since we have been living back in the US, I haven't done it. I don't know if it was because it would make me miss Japan or what but seeing Rodney Yee on that beautiful beach did bring back memories. I miss the ocean an awful lot.

Anyhow, the DVD was nice and I plan to add it to my daily routine...right after coffee but before dressing. I like to do yoga in my pjs or in workout clothes.

It is a beginning program that has three short sessions on it. Once for AM, one for stress relief and one for PM. I like Rodney (he is only on the AM one) so I do that one mostly but the others are good as well. I would recommend it to anyone interested in yoga. Even after doing it for a while, it is still a great way to start the day out. I think the AM one is only about 20 minutes long and that is including the relaxation time at the beginning and the mediation time at the end. Give it a whirl if you are thinking about trying out yoga. I like that is is short, not complicated and doesn't contain any difficult poses. I have Power Yoga for that....haha.


Mind Sprite said...

I have that a.m. yoga tape and really like it too. Rodney is very soothing. Too bad I never get up early enough to do it in the morning :(

Gone Home said...

I can never exercise before... um... ok, I can just never exercise!

Chicken said...

I need to start my yoga again.