Monday, February 20, 2006

Floor Finished

View of the dining room floor from the door to the kitchen.Just thought I would post two pics of the floors now that I am finished. The sun was shining in rather nicely and I thought it made them look especially nice. Only thing is that the sun makes the windows look very white...I could edit them in Fireworks but I figure it is the floor that we are concentrating on anyhow...

In the dining room shot, you can see the new rug....just like the one in the living room. I'll have to find something to compliment them for the entry and front door. I think having them all match identically would be kind of least for that type of rug.

View of living room floor from entry way looking towards dining room.
In the living room shot, you can see the edge of our oversized chair and then 1/2 of the huge entertain-ment center (that J built for me). I moved that sucker all the way out into the middle of the room so I could wax behind it, and I managed to do it without any help and without unloading anything off of it. I would have cried if any of my Japanese pottery or Thai green and white would have fallen.

The little drawered cabinet under the window is our CD holder. It heavy too but I put felt feet on it long ago so I was able to just slide it along.

Now see how nice both of those floors look? All healthy and glowing...yeah!!! It really was easy to do, the hardest part was moving the furniture.


Chicken said...

Wow they look really good.

Mind Sprite said...

Very pretty. I'll have to get your hardwood floor care tips, since I have one of my own for the first time. Mine are not quite that clean at the moment!

J.a.G. said...



P'nut said...

Beautiful! When can I move in?