Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Well, I finished the midterm last night with 20 minutes to spare ( I was done a bit earlier but wanted to double check my formatting and all my hyperlinks). It is not my best work but I think it is okay.

Thing is, our instructor put a limit of 2 pages on each question (there were 3 questions), but then asked pretty complicated questions. So the options were to go a bit vague and fit it in the required limit, or get specific but not get it all in....I chose to go a bit vague and I hope that works out.

Now I have a little paper due next Monday at midnight, and then a group project (which we haven't really started) due three weeks after that. The little paper is something I want to get done in the next couple of days (completely possible) because I am going to a friends house for the weekend and she only has dial up and our school atmosphere would not like that much. Oh, and I guess there is a final near the end but that is still a ways off.

So I am going to breath easy for part of today, look over the paper requirements and see if any of the gazillion sheets of research I printed yesterday can be used for this one as well, and start on it later in the day. If I can finish it before Thursday, it will mark my first time in a long time of finishing something up early rather than letting the procrastination bug get me....


Ha Ha said...

Yahoo! Glad you have that one behind you. Now you will be able to enjoy your weekend with M and her family. I will keep thinking AAAAAAA's. Your cheerleader!

Mishka said...

Thanks Ha Ha, I am hoping A's too especially since my group is not all that together...I email and nothing...I post messages in the classroom, and nothing...ugh, I might have to do the project myself and just leave them out of it....haha.