Wednesday, October 05, 2005


I have long (mid of my back) curly brown hair that is pretty much straight across in the back and has long layers in the front near my face.

I used to get my hair cut at one of the various cheap places like Supercuts or Fantastic Sams between visits with my mom (she cuts hair too). Thing is, the cut is not that critical as I have curly hair so most (only most) mistakes are easily covered up.

I have a really hard time paying more than about 15 bucks for a trim (which is mostly all I ever need). I tend to wait 6 months and just have my mom do it. Unfortunately, this time during my trip, I didn't get to see my mom, hence no hair cut either.

I can keep the front under control on my own, but usually it is the back that is hard. It seems now, though that I have surpassed that problem as well. My hair is long enough now, that I can actually comb it straight, pull it down where I need to cut and then bring it around to the front to cut it without messing up the the other day, in desperation, I cut the back too.

I don't know if it is perfectly straight back there (thanks to the curls) but it looks a lot healthier and it is not frizzing out on me at the ends anymore (and it didn't cost me a thing).

Note to Mom: When I do see you, I would still love to have you cut my hair. A periodic straightening of my line in back will definitely be appreciated.


Ha Ha said...

Of course I will. I try and cut my own bangs and of course when your auntie see's them she knows that I have been whacking away. Much easier to cut someone elses hair than your own. Cudos to you!!!

Joanne said...

I never ever let my family cut my hair. I used to keep it down to the small of my back, and my mother didn't like it that long so she'd 'accidentally' cut too crookedly and have to keep evening it out until it was a 'more appropriate' length. It is very straight so any crookedness is fairly obvious. Then I used to go to Supercuts all the time because it was 1/2 inch how could they screw that up. And, actually, when I got sick of it they were the ones who took a foot off for me. :) Now I go fairly rarely to a nicer salon because I do color sometimes and I get a sort of style. Although as it grows out and I become inclined to just do the longish straight thing again I may stop that too and go back to the supercuts.

Mishka said...

Both my mom and my aunt are pretty good with the scissors. The only reason I ever went anywhere else was because I didn't live close to either of them.

If I had straight hair, there is no way in hell I would trim the back myself...I am sure I could not get it straight and the perfectionist in me would not be able to handle that.

I will say (no offense Mom) that there have been some hairstyle memories from my childhood that I could have done with out, but overall, I never looked like a freak, so I can't complain.

By the way, I do the hair color too (have had grays since I was 19) but I use the home stuff. Someday I am sure I'll have to do it at a salon but for the amount of hair I have, it is much cheaper to do it at home.