Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Hot Tub Is Coming/Here

Basically what ours will look like.
Whoooeee!!! I got the call today that our hot tub is coming tomorrow...I am so excited. I think I am just going to let them deliver it to the driveway and then we'll figure out how to get it around the back. We can probably rent a pallet jack or something.

The guy on the phone told me that it could be 150-300 bucks to have them wheel it around and I can do it myself for much cheaper...thanks, but no thanks. We'll see when they come out tomorrow how much the driver wants but I am not paying the above for sure.

I have to go call the electrician so we can get this thing hooked up this week. I am so excited....yeah!!!! Too bad J is leaving for a business trip for 2 weeks this Friday...he won't be here to enjoy it with me until he gets back if we don't have it up and running by Thursday (and it is mostly for him and his back....poor guy).

Update: It got here fine this afternoon, and it wasn't as much as was quoted to have them get it around the house and laid back down (it shipped on its side on a pallet). So I have a hot tub with no water in it and no electricity sitting on my back porch now....whooeee only a few more steps and I'll be able to enjoy it.


Mind Sprite said...

I'll be over next weekend to help you break it in! LOL

Mishka said...

Come on over...bring the chicken and her sig other with you...haha.

I'll be here by myself enjoying the 7 person (we don't even know 7 people here) hot tub for two weeks, until J gets home.

J.a.G. said...

i grew up with one. they are fantastic.

my dad would go in every morning for a 1/2 hour before work.