Monday, October 03, 2005

Soccer Is Back

Yesterday, I played soccer with the league I am in for the first time in several weeks. I don't have a team roster or schedule so I basically wait for the coach or assistant coach to call me when we have to play (games get cancelled for weather and other reasons frequently). I had not heard from them in a couple of weeks and I was out of town for another one, so it wasn't a big deal.

I was called on Friday to see if I wanted to play this Sunday, and even though I have not touched a soccer ball since our last game, I said okay. I knew it would be tough on my body but figured that I would just get through it and be the better for it.

Stupidly, I didn't eat properly before the game so with the mixture of nerves and 10 minutes of running around on the field, I ran out of gas rather quickly. It took everything in me to keep running until the half ended, and then I headed for my gatorage and a powerbar. Powerbars don't last long either during a game but at least it was something.

So after the half I was feeling a bit re-energized and our whole team started playing a lot better. I think the half time talk did a lot (although it was all in Spanish so I didn't know most of what was being said). We weren't attacking the ball and seemed to be shying away from the opponents but after the half, you would think an entirely different team was out there. I was really jazzed. I did take a shot in my right quad that is aching a bit today but no big green bruise so I can't complain much. Other than that, I just feel like I exercised and that is motivating me to continue.

We didn't end up winning but our improvement in the second half was enough to lift spirits and hopefully we'll play better at our next game.


Dave Morris said...

My friend Gary plays or coaches soccer 3 or 4 nights a week this time of year. It's all the entertainment he needs!

Mishka said...

Its a lot of fun and it helps keep me in shape...when I do it enough. I didn't start playing until I was in high school but I have loved it ever since.

Randi said...

glad you had a chance to play. i know how much you love it. miss you!