Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Played soccer on Sunday even though the other team didn't show. We just split up and scrimmaged for a while. We had a new girl out there (don't know if she is going to play always with us, or just did that day) but she is pretty good. Fast, young and strong....just what we need.

Thing is that at one point, I was in defense and she was a forward. She dribbled the ball just a hair too far in front of her and I went to get it. I got the ball away from her but in the process she was going for a big kick at the ball, and with the ball gone, our shins connected. Even with shinguards on, I have a healthy bruise and dent in my shin right above my ankle and the whole thing is pretty tender.

It is perfectly located to the spot where I usually cross my ankles when I am sitting at the computer. Ouch!!!

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