Friday, October 28, 2005

Miers withdraws nomination - Yahoo! News

I have not been following this much, since Roberts was put in a chief justice without any experience as such, I figured we were looking at another instance of Bush just putting in whomever he wanted regardless of qualifications.

I do find it interesting that the extreme right wing (and someone please explain to me how extreme anything ends up in Congress) had such an opposition to her. Makes me think that she might have been moderate enough to balance the scales a bit. Unfortunately, the Democrats once again, did not have enough fight in them to do anything worthwhile and she is gone without even finding out.

Her major issue was that internal White House info would be disclosed and she couldn't have that....didn't the White House end up keeping internal documents about Roberts confidential???? Why is it that when the Democrats want to see documents, the White House is somehow able to keep it from happening but when the extreme right in Congress wants to see documents, the nominee pulls out because she is convinced that the documents will be turned over???? Hmmm....

I also have issues with the fact that tax returns were not required this time around. I think that it is vital that conflict of interests be rooted out and tax returns are a part of that. We have enough of our administration involved in big finance, we don't need to have lifetime positions also involved...make sense to me.

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