Friday, October 28, 2005

Cold Snap

Frosty TreesOkay, this is killing doesn't even matter that I know it will be warmer by next week this is cold now.

I have switched my jewelry to winter, my toenail polish to winter, put flannel sheets on my bed, put my feather comforter back on the bed, switched all my clothes over to winter, and even have my winter PJs in the closet...I am about two seconds from burning one of my Duralogs...I was just not prepared for it to go from comfortable warm weather to Artic in 3 days time. Nobody adjusts that fast, do they?

I am getting in the hottub to warm up...even though it is only 8pm. At least my toes will be warm.


Ian said...

I don't suppose it would help me telling you it's 94 degrees here right now :)

Mishka said...

No it doesn't...but now we have warmed up some...back into the 70's during the day, so I can't complain too much.