Thursday, October 06, 2005

US Mormons prepare for worst by storing supplies - Yahoo! News

While I absolutely believe in being prepared (and anyone that knows me can verify this), I wonder what happens to the year's worth of food for each person if the catastrophe is flooding, or some other kind of home-wrecking disaster.

The article doesn't say if the food is stored in a special place or in special conditions. If it is just sitting in everyone's basement, it might not be useful if people had to evacuate or if their homes were demolished by an act of nature.

Just curious, that is all....not dogging, I promise.


Joanne said...

It seems like it isn't just for themselves they're preparing that 1 year for... ie if one family's supply is wiped out, there are a lot of other families who have the same year thing and can share. Plus I could be silly in thinking this, but I don't think canned and jarred food would be okay even in a flood since they are sealed.

Mishka said...

I agree that they probably could save stuff that would make it through a flood or something but what happens when you have to get evacuated? Are they going to load a years worth of food for each family member in the car to take with them?

I am not at all saying that I think this is a bad idea or making fun of the preparedness, I am just curious about some of the specific logistics that might be in place.

Peeved Michelle said...

When I was a little kid, we rented a house from some Mormons. They lowered the rent because we agreed to let them continue using part of the garage for their food storage. Occasionally, we'd 'borrow' a can of beans. (I don't recall anything else, but if they were preparing for armageddon, I hope they had more than just beans.)