Tuesday, October 25, 2005

I'm Back

Actually I got back Sunday night but was busy with getting things done around the house and getting unpacked so I didn't get a chance to write, although I did read a bit. I managed to make it through the weekend without much computer contact (actually I worked on my friends machine all evening on Saturday because it is infected with Malware, but I didn't do email or write so it doesn't really count).

Yesterday, I was busy procrastinating (yeah I did a bit of that, but didn't feel bad about it because I did other things I wanted to do instead of the school work), doing three loads of laundry, watering plants, feeding birds, sending off postcards (like to do that after a trip), and researching and writing a 9 page paper for class. Needless to say, while I read a lot of blogs yesterday and did some emailing, I just couldn't get in the groove to write myself.

I'll recap my weekend and upload some pics in a bit, just wanted to say I was back and I am watching you!!!!


Joanne said...

If your friend has winfixer, a recent update of her virus software may be able to find it. On mine, McAfee downloads an update almost every day and over the weekend McAfee ran itself. It found winfixer and got rid of it! I've never been so excited about a computer program before. :D

Mishka said...

Thanks Joanne...I need to mention this to my sister too because she did have winfixer for sure and I think she runs McAfee....