Friday, October 14, 2005


Yeah, you thought I was going to talk about the baked ones...but you were wrong. I am talking about the ones on my computer.

Every once in a while, something happens online where I need to blow my cookies away. This is fine and in fact is a pretty good thing to do for security reasons, but every time I do, I forget how many pages I have that "remember me".

All the pages that I comment on, Amazon, Geocaching, my site meter, and at least a dozen others. When the cookies are gone, I have to remember passwords, user names, and refill in all my pertinant info on people's is amazing how lazy I have gotten.


Joanne said...

I ended up with the winfixer malware again so I blasted everything over the past few days... cookies history etc. It's amazing what I don't bookmark but still go to via the history.

Mishka said...

My sister has the winfixer malware on her system too...what did you do to get rid of it???

Joanne said...

Oh jeebus. It was a nightmare. In fact since I got it a 2nd time I switched to Mozilla's Firefox. But... here's the instructions:

First download and run Hijack this! (an awesome program) Don't do any clean up, just save the logfile that it gives you. There are a number of forums to post the logfile to... They'll give you all the rest of the instructions you need to get rid of it. There are many many steps.

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