Monday, October 10, 2005

Rain, Rain, Go Away

It has been raining here for days now. It is the aftermath of some tropical storm from the coast, but whatever it is, it is getting old.

Usually the fall is awesome, cooler, dry weather that allows you to get out and get some things accomplished that you have been putting off during the heat and humidity of the summer...but not this week.

Yesterday didn't rain as much although it was cloudy the whole time, so I was able to do a bit in the yard and I didn't get drenched at my soccer game (other than in sweat), so I can't complain there too much.

We do need the rain, so I understand how some people are grateful for it, but the thing is that when it rains here, it pours and most of it just runs off, and creates ditches in people's yard. We don't get much of it to sink in.

Oh well, enough bitching from me this morning. I have things to do and fortunately most of them are indoors anyhow....

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