Sunday, March 09, 2014

POTD Day 9 10am

This is what I was doing at 10am this morning. And of course, today is the first day of the standard time, so I am feeling a bit tired since I stayed up too late reading and then got up at regular time on the clock which is an hour earlier than it would have been yesterday.

Anyhow, this picture is a slide I built this morning to diagram the vegetation we have planted in the main front bed in our yard. I decided last spring that I wanted to put mostly perennials in that bed so that it would not be as much work each year. I will put some annuals in the gaps but for the most part, with a little weeding, it is pretty low maintenance.

Last year, it took me a few days of weeding to get all three of those beds cleaned out and then I planted the perennials, and mulched them. This year, I was able to weed all three beds in about 2 hours and most of the perennials are already blooming so it is nice spring bed with little work. I will probably put some more mulch down just to keep the soil nice and moist once it stops raining and we have to turn on the sprinklers.

I have a binder for the house that I track paint colors, landscaping, appliances, etc, and these slides from Powerpoint will go in it with the tags from the plants on the back so we can see the information at a glance.

I got this image as a export from Powerpoint as a jpeg and then added the fuzzy border in GIMP 2.6.

Eight Years Ago on In My Words...Final Draft (another landscaping project)

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