Friday, March 28, 2014

POTD Day 28 Nostalgia

Grandma is the back right
This is a cool picture our family has of my maternal grandmother and her three sisters.

I scanned it in a few years ago so everyone could have a copy of it. I love this picture...they look like movie stars in their 40's style. They are all so beautiful.

Seems like we don't do protraits like this pictures were so common before, but now it seems like you don't see them as often.

My grandmother's sisters (the ones that are still alive) all live in another state so she doesn't get to see them as much as I am sure she would like to. She has never flown and I don't think she could handle being in a car for the amount of time it would take to make a visit happen so I don't know if she will get to see them again. I guess that is one of the reasons pictures are important to us...the help us to hold on to memories.

I didn't take this image but I did edit it in GIMP to clean up the scan and then added the fuzzy border.

Six Years Ago on In My Words...Thankful Thursday (one of my paternal grandmother's is in this post)

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Haha said...

They are quite beautiful and wonderful aunties to me, your grandmother is so beautiful isn't she?