Friday, March 07, 2014

POTD Day 7 Fly

One thing about spring at the Grange is that the chicks some in!! They are kept in two huge metal tins and you can hear their little chirps from the door when you walk in.

Obviously they will not be flyers but they are still cute litle birds and totally fit this word for me today! I could sit and watch them for hours, but I am sure the crew at the Grange would not appreciate that.

I found a couple that were falling asleep while they were standing and then would wake up when one of the others bumped in them. It was so cute!! These guys were just a bit older than newborns because you could already see some of their regular chicken feathers coming in.

I took this picture with my Fuji Finepix f50 with no flash. I edited it in GIMP 2.6 for color, light and added the fuzzy border. The pens had these reddish warm lights in them so that is why the color is a little bit off.

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Junie said...

oh how sweet, I used to rehab wildlife. someone brought me a duck egg that had been laid on their boat they needed to move. I candled it and sure enough an embryo. I would turn it often like moma would and sit in a closet to candle it daily, can't describe the feeling.

When she was due to hatch you could hear 'tap tap tap' if you put it to your ear. Then magic started through a tiny hole you'd hear 'peep peep' so I started softly talking 'peep peep peep' quickly came back. I tried to stay awake to watch and photograph her big entrance, but as usual feel asleep.

What beautiful sound woke me and such a sight met my eye, there she was sitting there looking at me waiting for me to wake. I spent some amazing moments with her, she'd snuggle her beak between my toes and fall asleep while I cooked in our tiny kitchen.

Then one day she was ready to go, neighbours found in the middle of the early before folks set off for work practicing to fly. When she started walking after hatching I took her morning and late afternoon for a walk to the creek.

I woke one day and she had gone, I ran down to the creek, no sight of her. That evening before sunset she flew over our deck quacking goodnight.
It was late fall when I saw her again down at the creek, I'd taken duck feed called out Gem hungry a few times.

Sitting down wondering how she was, if I'd see her again she splashed down, waddled up sat down beside me chattering as if telling me all her adventures. Then she flew off, I sat a bit longer deep in thought to be brought back to earth. Gem had come back and brought 20 more mallard ducks with her. I noticed a male that stuck close to her and realised it was her mate.

We visited daily at the same spot same time through till spring when they left to a less public place to nest. Daily I visited our spot and eventually she came, friends, babies all. She'd still come sit and chatter but a little further from me, she was a big girl now.

Sadly I had to move but I'm so grateful for the happiness Gem and gang brought on our daily visits.