Wednesday, March 05, 2014

POTD Day 5 Something Beginning With I

My word is Ingenuity...or at least I hope it is. We have kind of lumpy grass in our front yard. Part of this is due to lack of maintenance by our renters, but also due to the slope of our yard and the difficulty in watering this poses.

Anyhow, on the project for this spring is reseeding a few spots in the yard. We have the little tool to turn up the dirt a bit before putting down some seed and then putting some soil over it. Our past experience with seeding before always involves figuring out ways to deter the birds from eating all the seed before it has a chance to germinate.

So I thought I would put these whirlies in the yard near the seeding to see if perhaps the motion would keep the birds at bay a bit...fingers crossed. I also picked up two to hang from the plum tree but I won't be putting that in until I prune that tree down a bit since they will just get in the way. I am sure the neighbors will be confused as to why we are "decorating" for Easter so early...LOL.

Fingers crossed that this works since they were only a dollar each at the Dollar Tree, but I am prepared to get another plastic Owl if necessary. We used the plastic Owl technique before and it seemed to work but this would be much more economical.

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