Thursday, June 01, 2006

Final Draft

I finally got the landscape planting completely done, and mulched so I took some pics today. Unfortunately a lot of the spring blooming is over but I think it still looks pretty good and the summer blooming is just around the corner. I cut a few gardenia flowers today and put them in shallow dishes with water throughout our house and it smells heavenly.

This is the before picture looking towards our neighbors on the west side of our house.

After picture from basically the same location but a bit further back.

We pulled the birdbath and feeder out while we did the work. The azaleas in the foreground of the before picture were pulled out and then put back in in a better spot and we moved the little dogwood on the left of the before picture a little further left, so it would get more sun and we would have room to do the plantings like we wanted.

This is the before picture looking towards the back of our property line.

This is the after picture from the same angle.

We planted some shade loving plants on the right side of this picture (which are all under the tree that was hit by lightening and might have to be removed) and then sun loving plants in the rest of it.

The list of plants (and I am sure I am butchering their spellings) are:

Gardenia (2 types for 7 plants total)
Wax Myrtle (2 plants total)
Silver Berry (1 plant total)
Several different Azalea (5 plants total)
Lorepetulum (5 plants total)
Nandina (2 types for 6 plants total)
Day Lily (20 plants total)
Purple Fountain Grass (3 plants total)
Japanese Pieris (2 plants total)
Little Richard (3 plants total)
Hosta (2 types for 5 plants total)

Once we got the bird bath and feeder back in, it really started to look nicer and then the final touch was finishing up the mulch which really completes it. I am thrilled with the way it looks and the plants all seem to be doing great (even the Silverberry that had some issues early on).


haha said...

It looks incredible and I bet it smells heavenly - I envy you being able to grow Gardenia's as you know how much I love them. I am still saying a prayer for that pine. I really want it to survive. Good job darling!

Mishka said...

Yeah, I figured while I live somewhere that Gardenia and Jasmine grow well that I will do it. I'll miss them both when we move again, I am sure.

Thanks for the compliments, it really did come out well and we are pleased with it for sure...

Mind Sprite said...

That looks great, Mishka! I'm really impressed. You're welcome to come over and do my yard any day!!!

Mishka said...

FMS-Thanks for the compliments...we are pleased with how it turned out...wish we could get the rest of the yard to look so good. Now lets just hope that I don't have to take out the tree that is next to it...