Friday, July 26, 2013

Purple Plums Abound

This pic is of a colander full of purple plums off our tree in front of the house. This is the third one of these that I have filled in the last week, and the second in two days. For some reason, the birds and other wildlife are not picking the plums like they did last year, and we also seem to have way more plums than last year as well...this adds up to a very droopy tree as you can see.

I have been picking as fast as I can, and one thing I have noticed is that there are lots of ripe plums up there and they are still kind of hard to I am wondering if we have a mutant year going on and the ripe plums are not dropping like they should. I think I am going to pit them and try freezing them for use in smoothies later. No way I can eat all these fresh, that is for sure. Oh, and I swallow the pits usually, which apparently isn't all that good for me...luckily, I don't chew the pits so I am a bit safer.

I spent some time last night after picking for eating, cleaning up around the bottom of the tree so we don't end up with a bunch of mushrooms and fruit flies...lots of fun!

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