Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Smile 43/100 New Life

Look at that adorable little face!!

Now this  kitten was too keen on the fact that we pulled it and all its siblings out of their warm dark bed and put them on the top of the human bed in the light but we just had to get a glimpse of them while momma kitty was outside.

They all (6) had the cutest little hisses and then they would get up on their little legs and shakily walk around. And of course, they were mewwing...LOL. These little guys were only about 4 weeks old so they still had some time with momma left.

I took this picture with my Fuji Finepix f50 with the flash off but the macro enabled. I edited it in GIMP 2.6 for color, light and then to add a fuzzy border.

Ten Years Ago on In My Words...Bathroom Kitty

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Charyl Ray said...

So cute! Are you going to adopt?