Tuesday, February 04, 2014

POTD Day 4 Childhood

This picture is of my sister and I on the front porch of what we call the 3rd St house. We lived in this house for a few years. It was a rental, but I would guess it is probably the first house that my sister has memories from. We had a big yard with a garage in back and like many houses in this part of our hometown, there was an alley that ran behind it.

Our hometown is very safe, even more so when we were kids, so we played all over this neighborhood, riding our bikes through all the alleys. We would find honeysuckles and blackberries to snack on. I have memories of eating apples and pears off the trees, and playing in the sprinkler in the front yard and then laying on the warm sunny sidewalk to warm up and dry off.

I remember climbing this super high cedar tree down the street and making forts all over the neighborhood with my friends. We lived in this house when Mt St Helens blew, and all of us kids would wear hankerchiefs over our faces (which I am sure did nothing to protect us from the ash)...LOL. Now that I am an adult, I am sure we irritated some of the neighbors cutting through yards and making noise, but it was still a fun safe childhood that I wouldn't trade for anything.

Our dad had a screen printing setup in the garage and I was his number one assistant. We also had a darkroom on the backporch that he would develop and enlarge images for the silk screen. Our grandma lived with us in this house until she married our grandpa. She had a little room off the kitchen, my sister and I shared a room, and our parents had a room in the front of the house. The livingroom and dining room were open to each other with some built in cabinets. It was a craftsman styled house with a huge front porch and pillars. I have driven by it recently and it is updated quite a bit and the yard is now fenced in front as well.

This picture was taken in the late 1970's by one of our parents with their manual 35mm Pentax camera. It was then scanned in on our HP printer and edited in GIMP 2.6 for light, color and adding the fuzzy border.

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