Saturday, May 03, 2008

Mother's Day

Mother's Day is creeping up on me (at least it didn't come early like daylight savings and Easter did) and due to my distance from those I like to acknowledge for Mother's Day, I have to get my stuff out a bit early.

I am trying to finish up my cards, and packaging so I can get it all in the mail by Monday in hopes that it will reach it destination before Mother's Day. Keep your finger's crossed for me. This is probably the latest I have ever sent this stuff out. Thankfully, it is all going to the west coast and the mail seems to get there pretty fast.

I am already going to be late on my grandma's birthday since her gift is in the same box with the Mother's Day stuff, but I am hoping she will forgive me.

Right now, it is only the cards that are keeping the boxes from being taped up so I better get going on those so we can be done before Monday and ready to go.


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Haha said...

You know that you need not worry about any of this - we know you are busy and we know you cannot anticipate the Postal Service. They are pretty good though about getting my packages to within a reasonable time!

Mishka said...

I think they are super fast to the West Coast from I think you will all have them on time. No worries.