Monday, May 26, 2008

Checking It Off

I am making some headway in my To Do List. There are a few things that have been added and then checked off and then some of the old stuff has been checked off as well. It feels great to get some of it gone...out of my mind and off my list.

Yesterday was a particularly productive day and I hope to make today productive as well. I managed to get the three little videos put together and loaded to YouTube, that I had promised my friend I would do for her of her kids at their respective sports. That was a huge lift off my chest.

I also managed to get her scarf finished, which wasn't a huge deal but for some reason was taking me forever to do. I planted a few flowers to hang on our front gate and managed to get some Japanese studying in as well as some exercise.

Today has a couple of out of the house tasks on it but I think I will still get home to get some things off the list again today. I will get exercise (at least some of it) out of the way this morning before I even start anything else....have to make it a priority...what else am I to do at 6am in the morning...haha.


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