Monday, May 05, 2008

Tropical Cyclone Death Toll in Myanmar

It keeps rising. I might see if I can send some money via the Red Cross but I hope that it gets to those that need it and not just to the pockets of the government there that doesn't seem to care about it's people.


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Haha said...

Me too, but I cannot help but think our government will be helping so they can get their foot in the door for their own interests. The usual M O. The Red Cross is a good place to start!

Mishka said...

While I don't think we need to be forcing democracy on everyone in the world, I do think that some international intervention might be called for in Myanmar....too bad an instance like this is what has to happen before anything can be done.

Mishka said...

Oh, and I tried to donate today through the IRC site, and it was busy so I guess that is good news that they are getting a lot of donations for help.

Haha said...

They said on the news that the military government did not realize the enormity of the devistation. They warned everyone via TV, but of course the vast majority of the people do not have electricity. DUH
Prayers, donations and allowing folk to help is what it is going to take.