Saturday, May 10, 2008

Super Typhoon Rammasun

Looks like it is going to miss us but we are still getting a few gusts from the out of season biggie.

The wind has been great this morning. I have all the windows open and the fresh air is awesome. The air is surprisingly, dry. The sun is shining, so for now, we don't have any rain coming from it. I think I might even get some sun today on the porch and then save my walk for later in the afternoon when the sun is not so potent so I don't accidentally double dip.

I might even make to the Makeman store to get some things so I can finish up some yardwork this afternoon...wouldn't that be great??? This kind of weather really motivates me to get outside and get things done.


Haha said...

Isn't it amazing how the weather can motivate us our help us along in procrastination. It has been quite spectacular this weekend - HaHa and sister got tons of things done! Enjoy your "get things done" weather!

Mishka said...

It is I went back to the Makeman store and got more flowers, herbs, dirt and plants....