Tuesday, May 27, 2008

AC is Done

The repairpersons or should I say replacepersons, have been here and gone and now I have a shiny new AC unit in my office/guest room that has HEAT in it as well...no more freezing in the winter (who am I kidding, since we don't get below 50 most winters)...I am just excited to not be sweating in here when I am wasting time on the computer...haha. Even with little to now verbal communication available...sign language and written directions seem to be enough to get by and I have already deciphered the instruction manual so I will know how to use the remote.

My back is hurting a bit from my hour long speed walking the last two days so I decided to give it a break today but I wanted to hit some golf balls...I might have to hold off one day to just make sure I didn't tweak anything...can't be hung up with a back thing...too much to do.

I got the car washed and vacuumed yesterday and then of course it rained...I didn't mind though. The car is still clean inside and out and the rain watered everything and cooled things off a bit.


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Just a Girl said...

A/C is a beautiful thing.

Chicken said...

I need to clean my car. The inside is disgusting!

One Wink at a Time said...

No wonder your back hurts! Sit back and enjoy the AC for heaven's sake :-)
Thx for your comment on my blog. Things have not exactly improved, but I'm coping better. Appreciate your concern, Mishka :-)

Haha said...

Love the AC and you getting everything done. June is almost here! Hurrah! Are you on your countdown yet???

Mishka said...

Jag-It is definitely nice to have it back on when I need it. We don't use it as much as some of our friends do though. I keep mine at 28 or so and that is plenty cool in this room with out making my toes cold...haha.

Chicken-we can get the car washed and wax (machine done), vacuumed, wiped down inside and windows cleaned for 10 bucks at the gas station down the street. I just buy a Georgia coffee from the machine and wait inside while it is done. So I don't mind that it rained as I can just wash it again next week if necessary...haha. Oh, and now there is a Starbucks across the street so I guess I could wait there too if I wanted.

Haha-I am starting to get a few things clicked off...feels good. Best thing is the exercising...that makes me feel the best actually. No countdown yet...makes the time go by too fast but I do have a swimsuit goal of July 1 so we will see on that regard.

Mishka said...

One Wink-hope things get better soon.