Friday, May 16, 2008


I walked 7 miles yesterday morning with a friend and while I was tired a bit when we first finished, I didn't feel any different the rest of the day.

Today I made soup for some friends (thank you to those that were able to make it over), and this meant being in the kitchen on my feet quite a bit. I also did a buttload of cleaning beforehand in prep for visitors. Now my foot has a sore spot on the bottom that feels kind of like a stone bruise.

It is weird because I wore little house slippers all day knowing I was going to be on my feet just to give them a bit of a break...guess it didn't work. Hopefully it will feel better tomorrow since I have to get some walking in.


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Chicken said...

Yuck. I hope it feels better.

Haha said...

Take care of those Barbie Doll footsies!

phtofran said...

Hope the foot gets better soon

Mishka said...

It actually feels okay now...I need to get back to walking but TS Halong is preventing any outdoor exercise today.