Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Antique Sake Cups

I picked up three of these the other day when we were on a antique shopping run. I think they are a great little piece of history. They are WWII military sake cups. I don't know if I will collect anymore of them but I thought having a small token set of them was cool. Two of them are from honorable discharges and one is from victorious return from mission.

Note: I left the link in so you could see a larger version if you want.


Three Years Ago on In My Words...Checking The Items Off


sourpuss said...

I love these! They're a great find and if you do decide to collect more, please show them to us!

Haha said...

They are beautiful Mishka, what a find and great history. Get more if you can, HaHa would love one of these!

Mishka said...

Haha-I will definitely be getting more. I thought you and Darlene would both like them. They are cheaper here than they would be in the States too. Probably because they are harder to find.