Wednesday, May 25, 2005


Ugh!!!! I hate them...both Alias and Lost had cliffhanger end of seasons last night. I have never liked cliffhangers, I know why they do them but I still hate it.\

It doesn't make me anymore likely to watch it next season, and I would love closure each time...but of course that is not how they like to market. It is probably mostly me, since I can stand waiting for the next in a series of books either...sometimes I just wait until they are all available...isn't that terrible?


Mind Sprite said...

No, it's not just you. I was really hoping Lost would wrap up some loose ends and solve a couple of mysteries. Since the whole show is a giant riddle, it would have been nice to figure out a thing or two. But I'll still be waiting eagerly for the show to start up again!

Peeved Michelle said...

Actually, the cliffhanger at the end of Alias did make me more likely to watch next season. I was getting pretty bored with this season, even during the rest of the finale, but in those final few seconds, they sucked me back in.