Saturday, May 07, 2005

Checking the Items Off

Today was the first nice day we have had in a few days. It ended up being in the low 80s and it was just lovely outside. J actually had the day off so I got to see him all day but he is getting ready to start school again (just as I finish up) and I know his "To Do List" was nagging at him. So we spent the day mostly ticking things off both of our lists around the house.

It was nice to spend the time with him, in the outdoors enjoying the fresh air and the sunshine even if we were doing chores...on my list, I got the damage from Rufus fixed up in the attic, all my plants watered, the house cleaned up, both vehicles washed, my scarf for my mom finished, some Nascar and golf watched, and major updating in my hardcopy journal done. J got the front side of the house powerwashed, both vehicles washed, the closet we built in the garage spackled and ready for paint, the patio powerwashed, some weeds pulled, some suckers plants removed, and all the lawn furniture cleaned up. We also both managed to fit some cardio and a trip to the gym (for a very fast speedy workout) in.

Overal it was an eventful day that leaves us both feeling like we checked some boxes on the list. Unfortunately the list doesn't ever seem to get shorter, but the items do change...thankfully.

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