Sunday, June 01, 2014

Smile 62/100 Curry

Okay, so there is this awesome fast Japanese curry place in Japan call Coco's. For most of us that have lived there, we have had addiction problems with it at one time or another.

Leaving Japan makes most of us into recovering addicts. There aren't many places outside of Japan that this restaurant is found so we are forced to make do.

One of the ways that I do this, is by using the closest Japanese curry I can find and creating a little bit of "Coco's" in my own kitchen. Now if you have really good friends still living in Japan, you can occasionally get them to send you actual real packets of Coco's curry, but if not, Golden Curry in the black box is the next best thing.

For this particular dish, I varied a bit in that I used leftover jasmine rice I had in the fridge rather than using Japanese rice. I used Trader Joe's chicken drummettes because they are the "cleanest" freezer breaded chicken that I can find, and then I added fresh quartered mushrooms.

One of my favorites to have at the real Coco's, was a seafood one, so I might have to try this with shrimp next time.

I took in our kitchen this picture with my Fuji Finepix f50 with no flash but with the macro turned on. I edited it in GIMP 2.6 for color and light and then aded the fuzzy border.

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