Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pottery Finds

My recent Okinawa Pottery findsThis past weekend, I went to a pottery sale at the Gala. It was a nice sale. We went on both Saturday and Sunday because sometimes Sunday is a good day to get some discounts.

Okinawan pottery is like art....most of the pieces are very unique and not all are practical. I try to be practical in my purchasing so that I don't feel like I am just getting something to look at. Usually I get something that is beautiful but also quite useful.

In the past, I have gotten some blue and brown ocha cups, a beautiful blue and tan sushi plate, a blue and brown flask, several small cups with the Okinawa fish design on them and some bowls with the same fish design on them. I tend to buy my pieces when they are on sale as Okinawa pottery can be very expensive.

This time, I found a beautiful sushi plate in blue and brown on Saturday. It was already discounted so I just bought it, figuring it would be gone on Sunday and it was the only one they had. It is about 14 inches long and about 5 inches wide and it will work beautifully with my other Okinawan pottery.

On Sunday, when we went back, I picked up some fish shaped blue and brown chopstick holders for 100 yen a piece, and small bowl with a holder for cut flowers, a second holder for cut flowers that I can put in another bowl I already own, and several Shishi dog plaques I plan to use a Christmas gifts this year. Overall, I think I did okay (got some good deals and didn't break the bank). I am hoping to find a few more cool things at the other sales that will be coming in the next few months....


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Chicken said...


Just a Girl said...

I love that plate.

Haha said...

Oooh very nice - I love my piece of Okinawan art!

Mishka said...

I wish I could get some for Christmas gifts but I am always afraid to ship the breakable stuff.