Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Kanda's Grabs

An Okinawan fixture is closing its doors permanently this winter. I am bummed because I didn't even know about it last time we were here and I have only had a small chance to get some of the art they offer.

I have posted twice before here and here about the purchases I have made. I hadn't gotten a chance to post a picture of one of the pieces I had purchased so I thought I would post about my newest additions.

We had a coffee recently at the gallery and I put several Kaneko's on old. He is not my favorite artist but I knew that I would miss not having a few of his prints after we left here and there would be no way to get them. I picked out a few that I thought would go nicely together and that grabbed me. Then lastly I asked the gallery staff if they could locate one of his lantern prints because I really wanted one of those but just hadn't gotten one before they were all gone.

They were able to locate one for me and it turnes out that it is an artist's proof too and number 5 of 15 total...how cool is that.

I don't feel too bad buying art that I know is worth something because the economy is so bad and these pieces are an investment that I don't have to worry about. I am so excited to have them all.

I have the Norikanes all hanging in my house but the Kanekos will probably have to wait until we are back in the States...I just don't have the space for them and the way our walls are set up here, hanging them in a group would be very difficult...

Below I have posted the Kaneko's I recently have purchased. The lanterns I just got a few days ago.


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Chicken said...

Nice pieces!

Haha said...

Those are great and I am so glad you got them, just don't forget to insure your investments.

Mishka said...

Yeah...insurance is definitely needed.