Saturday, October 11, 2008


Yesterday the weather finally cooperated with me (no rain in the afternoon) and I was able to get out to the front flower bed and hack away 1/2 of the work it needs. As it was getting dark, I came across a hill of some sort (probably ants) but I couldn't see so I went in the house, brought out the Raid and just hosed it down....we have a serious red ant issue in this bed so I don't feel a bit guilty about killing them.

Anyhow I ended up with two full yard bags of leaves and weeds along with a huge pile of bamboo sitting in my garage.

This afternoon, I thought I was going to be able to tackle the second half of the bed. I went out and got started by cutting the bamboo down to managable sizes and bagging it up before it dried up and started blowing all over my open garage. Then I moved to the back sidewalk where I had done some drive-by pruning the day before. I managed to get all that bagged up before the big dark thunderclouds rolled more yardwork today.


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