Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Hosting Bunco

I am hosting bunco at my house on Wednesday night. I am doing a Halloween/Fall theme, requiring dress up and all the gifts are Halloween/Fall themed as well.

I have a ton to do (not really but for me I always have a ton to do) before I will be ready to host 11 other women in my house for dinner and fun....haha.

So today, I ran around like a woman with her head cut off to get most of the running around stuff done so I could concentrate on things here at the house (with the exception of needing to run out for ice tomorrow).

Here is how it went:

★ Woke up at 6:45am without my alarm because I was thinking about all the stuff I had to do.
★ Got on the computer for a bit to wack out some of those daily tasks.
★ Ate breakfast, showered, changed and headed out the door at 9:30am.
★ Hit the post office to mail invites to a Baby Shower I am co-hosting on Friday, and 6 packages to friends and family in the States.
★ Went to the little store at the top of the hill to see about some additional Halloween decor (found a spooky door knocker).
★ Went to a gift shop to see if they had anything else I could get for bunco (since I still needed to find two more of the prizes).
★ Went back to the PO to see if my second package from my sister came in (it didn't but might have come on the afternoon truck, I think they were backed up from the holiday weekend for both the US and the Japanese yesterday).
★ Went home to drop off the candy I had gotten with the knocker at the top of the hill store so it wouldn't melt in my car with all the running around I was going to be doing.
★ Drove across town to another gift store where I ran into a friend and a lot of my errands were completed. I found both gifts for Bunco I needed, two birthday gifts, a baby shower gift and a bit more decor for the house all in one place.
★ Left there for another store for some odds and ends for grab bags I am making up for my guests.
★ Got a bit to eat at a local spot
★ Went to the grocery store for all the bunco food and some necessities we were out of. Found ONE pumpkin that cost me 12 dollars.
★ Stopped at a Do It Yourself Store on the way back to check out their 100 yen options, get a tatami table, 4 pads, some fish for my tank and some plants for the pots outside.
★ Stopped at Starbucks to get the last part of the best costume prize.
★ Came home, unpacked car and put away frozen/refrigerated items.
★ Got on computer to see if I had any messages.

Now I have to carve a pumpkin, finish yardwork to include planting all the plants I got today, eat dinner, put the fish in the tank, make labels for the gifts, clean off the deck just in case the weather cooperates and we can have one table outside, make two pumpkin pies, vacuum the house, put the grab bags together, get ice, check the mail again, and any number of other details before my guests arrive at 6pm tomorrow. Oh, and I still have to figure out what I am planning on wearing as my own costume......LOL.

I am actually not stressed at all...now that the shopping is done, the rest is easy...I am so looking forward to this bunco...it should be a lot of fun.


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Chicken said...

Phew!! You got a lot done sis. I can't believe how much that pumpkin costs.

I'm worried about that package. I hope it gets there soon since I mailed them both at the same time.