Friday, September 30, 2005

Travel Karma Update

Well, while the trip back didn't suck completely, I did get food poisoning the night before flying so I had to change my ticket to a later time that ended up costing me 100 bucks, and then I also had some other physical issues that came up that I won't go into detail on.

Fortunately the flight wasn't too bad, and I managed to get home last night late. My internal clock is completely messed up (since I didn't sleep much the night before with the food poisoning incident), and so I am taking it easy today, getting a few things done but not rushing to do everything at once. I am sure tomorrow will be a great day.

On the homefront, it looks like J was true to his word and no animals or plants died in my absence...yeah!!!! Now I just have to clean up my luggage mess, deal with all the mail we recieved and get to some schoolwork and Christmas cards...yuck!


Randi said...

sorry that the trip back didn't go as smoothly as you wanted. hope you get to feeling better soon.

Mishka said...

Oh, I felt fine pretty much by the time I flew at I just am getting over the time difference....thanks though.