Monday, October 01, 2007

Goodbye Amazon

They are on my sh1t list right now. They have changed their shipping policies (for the hell of it, it seems) and most of the stuff you can get from them can no longer be shipped to me. This sucks because when we lived here before, they were one of the few companies I did business with because shipping here was so easy.

So I have made my wishlist private so no one will buy me anything from them and I am not doing business with them again until they change their ways. In the last two months I have tried to order three different items to be shipped to me and none of them could be shipped but I was able to order the item from other sites and they were shipped with no problem.

So goodbye Amazon, until you can get you sh1t together!!!


Haha said...

That is terrible as I just wrote to you about whether you and J would like a gift certificate for your birthdays - I will be writing them and tell them what a disservice this is to any folk overseas and I will no longer be doing business with them either.

Chicken said...

I have never been very impressed with ordering and shipping from them so this will be easy for me. I don't even like to buy from them for work although I do it if they have the best prices.

Mishka said...

I have moved what I can of my wish list over to Powells for now...haven't heard anything from them in response....big surprise there.