Tuesday, January 22, 2008

New Art

I purchased this print from Kanda's BOQ gallery here (the link goes to the Tokyo gallery) last night at a meeting we had at the gallery. I wasn't expecting to buy anything but this one in particular really grabbed me because, like my Andrew Wyeth's, it has a story to it. I am sure there is a full story, but for now, I am content to look at it and imagine a story of my own.


I hope that some of my family can get over to the Portland Museum of Art to see some of this artist's other work. His name is Hiroto Norikane. He is supposed to have a collection there but I don't know if it is current or not.

He has some other pieces that I loved (and might have to get at future dates) and I also found another artist (Kunio Kaneko) that does wood block that I loved as well. This gallery runs auctions throughout the year as well so I am hoping to cash in on some of those. I would love to purchase some of the smaller prints as gifts.


Haha said...

Beautiful print! I would love to hear the story too!

Mishka said...

I will eventually do a search on the location but for now it is sitting on my desk so I can look at it contemplate the story it might have....