Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Beautiful Day

Today is a gorgeous day...humidity is low, sun is out, breeze is among us...I have the AC off and the windows open for the first time in months. I love being able to hear the breeze in the trees and the knocking of my windchimes in the backyard.

We had a mini typhoon last night...nothing on the radar but it was blowing pretty good and I guess it must have just blown all the weather some place new. I am enjoying it as much as I can considering today is my first day without any appointments that I can get some stuff around here accomplished.

I am hoping to get some yardwork done this afternoon when the sun gets lower...but I should be at the beach or the pool...tomorrow is open too so perhaps the weather will hang around for me to enjoy a bit longer.


Chicken said...

Sounds wonderful!

Mishka said...

It was glorious...I had the windows open until I went to bed, but have to close them at night because you never know when it might rain...